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Drawing of your chracter with my character
Well, I thought of considering of doing Commissions and if you want me to make a drawing of your character with mine, feel free to spend them here (If you want to, if not, that's okay.)

Here's some things I can do, what I can MAYBE do and what I cannot do.

What I can do for sure:
-Sonic related characters

What I could MAYBE do:
-Cosplays (It depends on the Character, I'm more experienced with Kirby Character cosplays)
-Chibi (Maybe)
-Memes (As long as the meme ISN'T offensive)
-Kirby related Characters (I could try, what do I have to lose?)

What I cannot do:
-Sexually Explicit art (I want my art viewable by EVRYONE)
-Humans (I'm not exactly experienced with drawing humans)

Initial Cost:
-10 points for pencil/paper

+15 If you want it Digital.

(Well these examples DO look questionable considering that these weren't commissioned for... but hopefully this commission doesn't sound too bad.)

PLEASE READ THIS BIT: (Can you please pay in the Donation Pool Widget when commissioning me?)

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Casual Adrian Reference?
(I feel confident and regretful at the same time in doing this.)

What I did was take a few pieces of my clothing and slapped it on to Adrian just like that (Those being: A pair of Nike Gloves, A pair of Sketchers Shoes, a Star shirt which in reality was a Super Mario "Kicking it old school" shirt, and a gray sweater). Adding these details were absolutely painful when it came to the reference type, as for the body model, I intentionally left out details so difficulty wouldn't be out of hand if anyone wants to draw him by any chance. I did have to make some changes with these, such as replacing the Nike symbol with a star, and I wouldn't know how I would include an 8-bit NES Mario, so I used a star for the shirt. (I was gonna do the "M" symbol on Mario's hat, but nah, as much as I liked the idea, I thought it would be better if I stuck with simpler color plans.)  Before someone says, "Adrian, are you Retarded? Where's the proof? " I have a link to a post on my Google+ through this Idea with photographic evidence if anyone wants to see. (No, I'm not actually waering the attire in these photos, I only took separate pictures of the certain attire.) If this turns out to be a great idea, I'm keeping it; If it doesn't turn out to be a great idea, I'll go back to his superstar colors I've had since December of 2015. I like it a lot.

Adrian belongs to me

G+ Evidence:…
Framed Superstar Saga drawings
I decided to draw Popple and Rookie again because why not? I love 'em. I also drew Hoohooros. :)

This was actually time consuming, I haven't done some old fashioned coloring in quite a while and somewhat difficult, (In Rookies case, Popple and Hoohooros were pretty easy to draw. the only thing I struggled with was the brick block, and the stone pillars) nonetheless, I finished and I'm proud to have made these and put them in frames, and it wasn't easy, I had to take my 4x6 frames, take out the glass, and trace out the glass perimeter to know how much will I be drawing and to maintain a certain size so it wouldn't be too big or small.

I would've drawn the characters alone, but I wanted to add some Pizzazz, so I drew a Hoohoo spirit above Hoohooros based on the Hoohoo challenge, I drew a Mushroom, a coin, a brick block, a poison mushroom, a bob-omb , and a soccer ball. Mainly the Items that Popple would carry in his sack. (In which the Poison Mushroom and the Bob-omb only appear in Superstar Saga, the Soccer ball and the Brick block appear only in Dream Team, and both the Mushroom and the Coin appear in Superstar Saga and Dream Team) I drew hammers for Rookie considering that in both battles in Chateau de Chucklehuck and Woohoo Hooniversity (Which ever battle you want to focus on) Whenever Popple is attacked by one of the Mario Bros. Rookie will be alarmed and throw hammers at both of the bros. in which they must use their hammers to block Rookie's hammers. (Mario first and Luigi second in that respective order)
Note: (Originally, I was going to draw the Chuckolator but he seemed insanely big, so I scrapped that Idea and replaced it with Hoohooros)

I can't wait to have these displayed in my room for my friends and family to see.

Hoohooros, Popple and Rookie belong to Nintendo
(I know about the items as well, I'm just too lazy to list them down)
Shadow Thief Popple
I've done it, I've finally got outta my Sonic n' Kirby comfort zone-

So what I have here is a legitimate Mario related drawing. I managed to draw the Shadow Thief, Popple (Along with Rookie and Birdo, for fun anyways). I LOVE Popple, he's by far the funniest character I have come to know over my time playing "Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga" What made him hilarious for a character was his expressions he'd make in the storyline such as his rage face (AS I drew over to the leftside of the drawing incase anyone was going to ask what his rage looks like.) now MOST of this consists of Popple and the sketches I did from the sprites via "Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga" within the exception of his battle stance in the upper right corner by my signature in which I took from "Mario and Luigi Dream Team", when he tries going up against Wiggler (Only to betray the Mario Bros. once Wiggler is no more.) Aside with Bowser's various forms (In which I can say Rookie- being Bowser's Amnesiac alter ego -and Bowletta- which is just Cackletta possessing Bowser- are two of the many forms.) Popple is the most fought boss in the Mario and Luigi series being fought a total of 5 times. Four times in "Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga" (fought in these four areas in order being: Chateau de Chucklehuck, Woohoo Hooniversity, Chucklehuck woods, and Teehee Valley) and only once in "Mario & Luigi Dream Team" (Being fought in the real world at Wakeport and after Wiggler is taken down first.) I was happy seeing him in "Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga", but now that "Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions" is coming out in 10/6/17 (In which I can't wait to relive my Childhood days better than ever-), I'm hyped and ready to see Popple and Rookie once again and I'm excited to see Rookie with the updated graphics.

I'm going to put this out here right now, If Nintendo gets rid of Popple's glorious expressions for the remake, I'm actually going to be VERY sad (I was already sad enough the first time when I saw him look at the Mario Bros. with a saddened expression when they hit him, despite the back stabbing, he wanted to help at first, and besides, he only had his eyes on his prize, which he didn't get.)

Popple, Rookie, and Birdo, (along with the Mushroom and Poison Mushroom, the coin, the brick block, and the Bomb-omb) belong to Nintendo

Note: (I'm SO keeping this in my school binder!)


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Adrian C.
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As a Kindergartener, I always wanted to make amazing drawings for everyone to see, I used coloring pages, drew stick figures and other basic stuff, I then started trying using pictures as references when I made drawings as I grew up, as 2013 of November, I was given a Microsoft tablet as an extremely late gift for my birthday, I then downloaed Sketch Book express, It was difficult to use but as of january 2015, I got better at it and decided to share my art to the World. That's why you see the art I make as of today. :)


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